Any Way You Slice It

Green with envy? You will be forgiven that lack of virtue if you can't help staring at these daring danglers. By now we know that Pantone---those prodigious color predictors blessed 2013 with emerald as the color to embrace. Style setters hardly needed that prompting.

Emerald green is a blissfully fresh and hopeful color--causing us to think of new life and growth. Who wouldn't want to have those thoughts reeling around our subconscious?

But is there a new way to express emerald envy? We think so. Riding the wave of interest in gemstone and diamond slices, Yael has taken a cut into this trending pattern with opulent pendant earrings in irregularly shaped emerald slices caressed by diamond halos. The artful juxtaposition of diamonds in a highly stylized flower-bud motif reminiscent of artichokes as the anchor for irregularly shaped emerald slices shows a brilliant appreciation for the stone by a less-is-more attitude. Same stone we've known for eons--but a new way to 'see' this treasure. Bliss.

Serendipity Collection by Yael Designs; Emeralds in 18K white gold and diamonds


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