Trending Now---- Silver on Point

Women are doing more than adorning themselves with jewelry these days. The alluring baubles can tell much about the woman flaunting them. For instance, prominent ear pendants are worn by fashionistas of all ages now. Casual or couture, these once thought daring ear bobs are the perfect choice to complete a look.

Bold ear pieces may take a bit of getting used to, but the payoff is huge. It draws the right kind of attention to a lady's jawline and beautiful mouth. Nothing wrong with that.

But innovative designers also use this real estate to create articulated (that's moving to us lay-persons) pieces that move gracefully with every turn of the head, creating an opportunity for light to play whimsically off the shiny surfaces of the metal or gems on the piece.

How do they make such bodacious jewels without risk to the lady's delicate ear lobes? Designers are more frequently using precious sterling silver with its iconic patina and cool white hue.

I'm glad you asked---silver is a lighter metal in contrast to gold; and clever designers know that. Gold's atomic weight is 196.9, while silver's atomic weight is 107.8. This frees designers to create large pendant earrings with artistic abandon, knowing they'll be comfy on the wearer all day long.

Glam-gal Kate Beckinsale rocked these sensational sterling silver IritDesign earrings recently in Hollywood at the premiere of 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. 

IritDesign Silver Diamond Earrings, Price Upon Request,; Courtesy D'Orazio & Associates.


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