Creature Comforts

Fine jewelers of every epoque have thrilled collectors with their choice of animal themes featured in pride of place on their creations. These artful objects are also a way for designers to flaunt their prowess at the jewelers bench in recreating animals both real and mythical. It's all in the details.

Some jewelers model their artistic flair from admiration of renowned artisans. Others occupy the bench of masters who've gone before them. Those are tough rooms to work, I imagine. They have much to live up to in perpetuating a fine name.

The mythical creatures with threatening mouths agape are the work of Madrid based Carrera y Carrera, founded in 1885 by a brilliant sculptor, Manuel Carrera. The venerable house continues to create intricate works in gold and precious stones.

As ancient as are the techniques and subject matter, the timelessness of exquisite jewels are a comfortable fit with modern jewelry collectors today. Actress Jordana Brewster is seen with this golden mythical creature cuff bracelet at a recent Women in Film event in Beverly Hills, CA.

Images of Carrera y Carrera gold cuffCourtesy of D'Orazio & Associates, Beverly Hills


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