Shake A Tail Feather

They Only Made One You Know

Famous Graff Diamonds knows a thing or two about creating drama with jewels. Unveiled this spring in the Netherlands, this $100-million dollar peacock brooch is famous for its extravagant use of natural diamonds in their many hues. The Europeans really have a handle on this brooch business. They can turn out the most impressive brooches--that you'd actually wear, if you had 100 mil that is. Take a moment to enjoy all the colors shown on this pink and blue peacock's lavish diamond plumes. I'm favoring the orangies myself.

Scene Stealer
The central pear shape diamond is an uber-rare 20+ carat natural deep blue diamond. Take it all in; that's one of the rarest diamond colors you'll ever get to relish. In case you're counting, the total diamond weight on this piece is nearly 121 carats.

Show Off
Clever Graff. There's a clasp on the reverse that allows the centerpiece to be removed so this stunner can be worn as Dazzlingly Dramatic or Way-Over-the-Top. But you figured they would do something spectacular to seal the deal, didn't you?

Peacock Brooch: Graff Diamonds


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