The Big Bib

What Makes Good Design
Design is a word thrown around to simply explain that something is put together. In the case of good design, a lot of forethought went into shape, proportion, objects assembled, and color. We're loving bibs at the moment. And good ones depend on great design that defies trending patterns. Bibs are impressive sizable adornments that make a statement . . .  or several statements. And they make the outfit. You don't need any other accessories with a great bib necklace.

Style Stays
Style's the thing here. The vintage multi-color pearl bib shown above is Mme Coco Chanel's confection and just as jaw-dropping today as it was decades ago when she first designed it.

Visual Statement
The progression of color from light to dark with these marine gems, and graduation of pearl size all contribute to an elegant visual appeal.

The contemporary relevance of this massive bib proves that style does indeed endure, and trumps the daylights out of fads.

Image: Coco Chanel Vintage Pearl Bib


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