Dream a Little Ocean Dream

The fact that diamonds can be naturally produced in color is intriguing. How they get their color is often a mystery to most people, and is endlessly fascinating to gemologists.

Blue and green diamonds are both exceedingly rare occurrences in nature. A true Blue-Green, well, its occurrence is so rare it cannot be valued. Even the famous blue Hope diamond is guess-timated in value at $250 million dollars.

The Ocean Dream diamond is declared a Fancy Deep Blue-Green diamond by the GIA Laboratory who examined this 5.51 carat natural beauty from Central Africa. Its color is attributed to prolonged exposure to natural radiation. Prolonged, as in millions of years. Sounds reasonable enough. Natural green diamonds, incidentally may owe their color (often concentrated on the skin of the crystal rough) to underground natural radiation that was present near the crystal in its formative stages. Natural blue diamonds have trace elements of boron in their otherwise all carbon makeup.

This natural beauty is like nothing else in existence. Thus far, no other natural diamond has turned up in this color so it is simply called priceless. I like to call it cool-y-oh.


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