Sparkling Spinel; An Exotic Choice

Jennifer Lopez wears Ivy New York spinel earrings
There's a world full of shimmering colorless stones, presenting designers with more creative options than just diamonds. But they have to be imaginative and search a bit. Like in Sri Lanka, or even Viet Nam.

Where the Wild Things Are
Some of the most exotic stones we know come from regions in the Far East and Asia, like the fiery spinel which has outstanding dispersion and a glamour all its own.

Can You Dig It?
Spinel is found in igneous rock, so you have to be ready to get in there and dig. It also is produced in colors like red and blue, among others, but the colorless version is an elegant
option to diamonds, and in large carat sizes the more affordable price as contrasted to diamonds makes it a keeper.

18K gold, spinel and diamond earrings: Ivy NY
Images Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates, Beverly Hills


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