Savoring Tsavorite

What'ya Got?
Who knew garnet would ever be found in a vivid highly transparent green . . . enough to make the most die-hard emerald fan swap loyalties. Tsavorite is a relative newcomer to the colored gemstone world. It wasn't until the late 1960's that a British gem prospector poking around Africa stumbled upon these lively Kelly green sparklers.

So Where do You Get This?

Great with names that stick, (we're remembering Tanzanite here) Tiffany christened this stone as Tsavorite in a nod to its location of origin, in the northeast region of Tanzania.

Who Likes It?
Katy Perry goes all out green with tresses, nails and her body-con dress (trust me the dress was really green) finished to perfection with Amrapali's perfectly matched round cut Tsavorite gemstone band set in yellow gold. 

And Why . . . .
Avid jewelry collectors are keen to scoop up this head turning stone because of it's relative rarity. Large carat sizes are all the more rare, as are pieces with well matched stones like this verdant band.

Tsavorite band by Amrapali Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates

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