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Georgian hair ornament containing a lock of a beloved's hair: Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry

Long Lived Era Produced Message Jewels

The Georgian era was a long one covering the period from 1714 to 1830. It draws its name from the four successive Georges who reigned in Great Britain during that time.

 A sub-period to this era included the period defined by the Regency of George IV (Prince of Wales) during the illness of his father George III. It is often extended to include the short reign of William IV, until his death in 1837.

The jewels were telling of the sentimentality of those living during this chapter of history.

Look For This
Since this era was so long, its impossible to nail down one particular style emblematic of the times. But during these years at many junctures, precious metals and stones were scarce and diamonds may have been foil backed to enhance their appearance. Silver was used to set diamonds. Garnets and topaz were favored colored stones.

Hang On to These Baubles
But this time was so long ago that relatively few original Georgian pieces have survived making their collect-ability all the more coveted.


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