But Where Will I Ever Wear It?

Tiaras are great . . . in fact there's hardly a woman or girl anywhere who hasn't dreamed of wearing one at one time. It certainly makes a statement doesn't it? Or quite a few, I'd say. While we tend to think of tiaras as diamond encrusted toppers, they are actually created in a dizzying array of colorful gemstones, and exotic materials, not to mention cameos.

Ogle this aquamarine and diamond stunner created by Cartier no less. It was one of only 27 tiaras created by this venerable house in 1937. Most of that production ended up on guests attending the coronation of George VI, who was the current reigning Queen Elizabeth's father.

This official portrait commemorating the historic occasion, illustrates why royal jewelers were pretty busy that year.

Still there remains an ethereal quality to tiaras that translates into modern times. Although you may not want to pop on a sparkly head gear to trawl the mall, one may yet find certain posh events in our lifetime where this would be de rigueur.

 Loverly, isn't it?


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