No Two Alike--- the Originality of Natural Gemstones

Like People Gems Are Each Unique

Colored gemstones are a natural occurrence created in secret hundreds of miles below the surface of the earth in often mysterious circumstances. What we do know for sure is that they are a lovely confluence of chemical properties and countless factors that happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Something Added Makes All the Difference
As such, they are never exactly the same as their same species grown elsewhere. Geology plays a huge roll in the coloration of the stone. Added to that, minute particles of other elements can intrude upon a stone in formation and alter its color.

Tiffany--Artisan in Jewels
Such is the case with the superb Art Nouveau circa 1914-27 necklace by Tiffany. The hero of this fabulous piece is a stellar asymmetrical pear shaped sapphire drop. 

Chemistry in Action
Take a close look at the central gemstone in Tiffany's pendant. Nature produced 2 separate tints on the same sapphire. Certain elements present during its formation colored this gemstone a sumptuous plum hue in addition it its blue tint. It's not the only stone to produce 2 or more distinct colors on the same stone. But this magnificent and pricey sapphire is still a bit of a rarity. 


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