Beryl Beryl Good Company

Family Ties Make This Gemstone Rock

Keep Track--Take Notes
The species is the mineral family with which a gemstone is associated . But depending on that species, you may find a few or many varieties of that species. With gemstones, the inclusion of trace elements of other chemicals will be the reason it changes color. 

Looky Here
These scrumptious 3 segment dangle earrings are actually all members of the beryl family. The chemical makeup is something (or exactly) like this--- beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate

Trio of Lovelies
The Mark Patterson earrings showcase what a little 'intrusion' can do. The various beryls in these danglers are aquamarine, morganite, and green beryl top to bottom. Green beryl is not to be confused with emerald which is also a beryl stone. It's particular chemical make up will separate the two, besides their exact green coloring.

But Wait There's More
Other lovelies in this species include heliodor, golden beryl, bixbite and the lesser known goshenite. Seems like beauty runs in this family.


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