It's All About the Pink

Girly Diamonds Are Pink & Powerful

Perfect Pairing
The ever opulent Ms Sophia Vergara knows what is enough and not a bit more. She looked lovely in every sense at a recent event. Her very detailed dress found its perfect foil in a diamond domed ring by Harry Kotlar. Vergara was attending the LA premiere of Hot Pursuit at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood. When you've got a pink diamond on, well, that's certainly enough now isn't it?

What's That in the Middle?
The hero of this ring is a stunner of an oval pink diamond. The accent diamonds surrounding the yummy pinkie are marquise shaped diamonds that form a modern floral motif. That's the way I like my flowers. Let's go in for a closer look.

Natural Beauties
Fancy pink diamonds are a natural occurrence, and as such, they come in as many shades of pink as you can shake a ring at. This feminine pink tint must have inspired the designer to create a floral design around the central stone, as that has a lady-like vibe as well.

Pretty & Pretty Rare
Here's an interesting bit to consider. Nearly all of the fancy natural pinkies come from the Argyle Mines in NSW Australia. Why is that? The jury ponders. But in general, all diamonds and gemstones are at the mercy of geology; and some terrain is more conducive to certain stones than others. 

Pink diamonds are popular today, but that does not mean they are plentiful. After all, nature calls the shots when it comes to producing these girly stones.

Image Courtesy D'Orazio & Associates: Beverly Hills


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