Colored Diamonds for Discerning Taste

Champagne, cognac, brownies, cappuccino, coffee, even hot chocolate diamonds! All delectable varieties of diamonds that make you wanna go Cheers!

Rare in Nature
The infinite range of colored diamonds,collectively known as brown diamonds are the most oft occurring variety of colored diamonds. Because every fancy colored diamond is a natural occurrence, no two colors are exactly alike. Creating a suite of same or similarly colored brownies requires patience, opportunity and a good eye for choosing color.

A collection of brown diamonds in the Smithsonian. The large pear-shaped diamond on the necklace weighs 67 cs.

Hunt for Them
Like all natural occurrences, the geology of the region factors heavily into the formation of these yummy stones. The particular terrain of Australia is apparently ideal for creating these sun kissed sparklers. More brown diamonds are recovered there than from any other place on earth.

While these richly hued stones have been around for as long as miners have been digging up the treasured rocks, they've been especially fashionable with red carpet walkers over the last decade.

Been Around--Still Beloved
We thought you'd like to see an example of an earlier work using these warm toned baubles.

This Art Deco pendant necklace is a splendid example of imaginative designs wrought nearly a century ago. Notice the slight variations in color with all the brown diamonds in this neck piece--especially the smaller accent diamonds. That's nature, baby.

Using icy white diamonds and rich cornflower baguette accent sapphires, the lovely central stone, a 3 ct kite shaped brown diamond is the hero of a memorable work of art.


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