Cute As a Button

Clip earrings were de rigueur for stylish movie stars long ago. But their charms still enthrall a new gen of enthusiasts for loads of sparkly reasons.

Ear clips, clip-on earrings, or button earrings---any way you want to say it, are ultra feminine accessories. They enjoyed sweeping popularity back in the day--and that day was during the 30's through the 50's. 

What's Going on Here?
The ear clip does something that other earrings often forego. Strategically placed at the jaw line below the cheek, these adornments cast a luminous glow right back to the lovely face of the wearer. 

Rock Your Look

All the more dazzling, if there are sparkling gems or diamonds in the ear clip. Those stones reflect light that entered the stone back to the face also, and make the eyes seem more luminescent in the deal.

Works Well with Fashion and Hairstyles
Celebrities and red carpet walkers in general understand this aspect of the ear clip. It creates the ideal finish for up-swept hairdos and the trending towards more classic Old-Hollywood glam in general. 

Very Much Now
Lady-like and refined yes. Stuffy and old fashioned? Not at all. If you have not yet included ear clips in your jewelry wardrobe, this may be a good time to consider this darling option.


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