Rough & Tumble

Just when you thought cutting techniques could not get any more hi-tech in its precision and prowess, daring designers point us back to the beauty of rough.

Carnelian ring from Variance Objects

Diamond and gemstone cutting has made extraordinary milestones from when it first appeared centuries ago. Diamonds, the hardest of all minerals has gone through countless transformations at various times when cutters learned how to control the polishing process for a more symmetrical design. Understanding how cut diamonds handle light has added further dimension to the cutting process. Today, cutters and designers navigate the complexities of creating facet patterns that are both appealing to the eye, and those that push light performance to new pinnacles.
Pale yellow octahedral diamond crystal mounted in ring by Variance Objects

Colored gemstones have their own set of characteristics to consider. Some of those are how the stone itself handles the cutting process. Some shatter easily under the cutter's tool. Others, if they are soft need designs that assist in protecting their fragile nature.

That said . . .daring designers today are resonating to a whole new sand box of jewelry lovers. These consumers resist traditional jewelry because it seems at odds with their own design sensibility, personal taste, and most often lifestyle.

The rough hewn look in fine jewelry has gained ground with the Millennial and artistic minded collector who prefers an aesthetic of a close to nature vibe. This niche market appeals to those who appreciate personal adornment but find the traditional offerings to be  . . . well . . . a bit stuffy.

Emerald ring by Variance Objects

The rings shown here designed by Nicole Rimedio at Variance reveal a certain closeness to the original stone as it was found in the ground. These stones are polished after all, but receive minimum treatment so that they maintain an organic feel and allow the wearer to enjoy the natural inclusions inherent to each individual gem.

This exciting new category expands the options for jewelry collectors to pair a wider array of stone types and designs with their wardrobes and lifestyles. It represents the ultimate in personalized jewelry for many delighted collectors.

Carnelian, diamond, and emerald ring Courtesy Variance Objects


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