My Lord, That's a Beautiful Stone!

Amethyst is loved by most every gemstone enthusiast; but it holds a special place in the heart of royalty.

A Gem of a Rock
Amethyst is a sumptuous natural violet gemstone that is a member of the quartz family. Like may other quartz jewels, amethyst is often found in large rough crystals, and mostly free of distracting inclusions. It's a jeweler's dream.
Rough Amethyst geode crystals on display at JOGS Tucson gem shows

 A Royal Connection
This breathtaking gemstone is sometimes made into rosaries which have been worn around the neck of several Catholic Popes. But royalty and nobility also take a shine to this richly hued jewel. Harking back to Minoan Greece, circa 2,500 BC, this yummy grape stone was found set in ancient regal gold jewelry. French and British royalty have also treasured this bauble--since purple in itself is considered a regal color. The British royal family loves this bauble so much, Her Majesty has a suite of amethyst jewelry .  .  .   and she wears the whole shebang at once. When you're the Queen  .  .  .

Just Sailin' Along .   . Minding her own Jewelry Business
Florida-based jewelry artist Karen Tweedie, who sells her original and bespoke pieces on cruise ships had a most serendipitous encounter with a cruise passenger not long ago. Seeking her help to straighten out a cuff link he inadvertently crushed on-board, he eventually asked her to custom make a new pair of cuff links for him.

The result was the fine amethyst cuff links shown in the image above. When she collected the information to send the gorgeous cuff links to the new client--she learned he was an English Lord.
Well, I'll say! 


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