Analogy & Harmony

Daring artists opt for imaginative designs where analogous colors turn heads.
Jacob & Co High Jewelry

Pairing close colors
The use of analogous color combinations is both daring and artful. We see this used in fashion, graphic designs are gratefully in jewelry. Simply put, analogous color combining utilizes colors next to each other on the color wheel.

So lime, yellow and orange would count as analogous color combinations.

Haute bijoux takes the plunge
Jacob & Co is masterful in combing analogous colors with a highly dramatic result.  The stunning ear pendants are not only visually appealing but contain a stellar collection of precious stones. The long pendants are Brazilian Morganite. The trillion shape stones on top are Pink Rubellite, and the round central stones are Burmese Pink Spinel. White diamonds finish the look. . . . and boy what a looker.

Jacob & Co. earrings


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