A Bib is for More than Just Dinner

Want to make a big statement without ever saying a word?

Lady Gaga Performing in Sutra diamond bib style necpiece

Lady Gaga got all snazzied up recently in Los Angeles to perform for the launch of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. Central to her star spangled look was a superb diamond bib style necklace by Sutra who does a spectacular job of fusing Edwardian to Art Deco motifs with a modern twist for today's jewelry lovers.

When you want to make a splash without ever saying a word, consider finishing your look with a bib necklace. The style is ancient; even Cleopatra fancied these dramatic personal adornments. But if you want to be memorable, and who of us doesn't? Then grab that dazzler and make a grand entrance. Envious stares ensue.

Sutra diamond necklace


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