Spokes and Hues

Trapiche emeralds are a curiosity in both their formation and their geology. Seems these unusual crystals are found exclusively in one area of Colombia --the Boyac region.  Their odd formation resembles wheel spokes, making them one of the most rare naturally patterned gemstones.

ERAGEMS Trapiche Emerald Ring
Mounted, these oddities can become striking jewelry--the gemstone's self created design adds a layer of interest to each item.Mineral inclusions in the crystal itself create the 6 spoke wheel effect. But the exact mechanism of their formation is still under scrutiny.

Even though much research has gone in to understanding the world of gem minerals there is still a lot to learn about the formation of this variety. The growth is completely symmetrical and quite attractive. Nature also creates a similar trapiche-like formation observed in other mineral material.

Take a look at this corundum (ruby) specimen that shows a similar growth pattern.These exotic gems are still not well known to most jewelry lovers. Why is that? Trapiche gems offer distinctive appeal for those looking for something unique from the norm; and isn't that what we want for our jewelry collection?


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