Lend Me Your Ears

Ear cuffs, climbers, huggies and more . . . ears are to adorn big time now!

Kate Beckinsale flaunts delicate Butani ear cuffs
Ear adornment has for the most part been a female's domain in most cultures for eons--modern hipster-men's ear decor notwithstanding. 

The reason for ear jewels is pretty much intuitive. The ear jewels, prominently or discretely at the side of a woman's face, add attractive light and appeal to her pretty visage. Also earrings are located close enough to the eye area so that when the sparkly stones in them shimmer from afar--it actually adds a lovely impression of dancing to the eyes. 

Clever jewelry designers are not known to leave things alone. So they've conjured up all kinds of ways to cuddle the lobes of lovelies.
Here is an off the ear view of designer Butani's ethereal looking ear jewels that are shown on Kate Beckinsale in the first image. Graceful and playful at once, these bijoux have definite staying power. Not faddish--but fabulous.

Rihanna knows how to wear Borgioni's petite diamond ear cuffs atop round spray ear clips

Wear one, wear some, wear the whole shebang. Ear jewels are a modern ladies take on the once popular mid 20th century ear clips, some of which echo the latest rendition's profile.

I can envision any stylish starlet today wearing these (above) scroll spray-style diamond ear clips by Mauboussin. Yet they harken to 1935, said Christie's who auctioned them off in their New York Important Jewels sale.($19,120.00)

Here's to ears.


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