I'll Have What She's Having

Celine Dion wears Butani diamond earrings in Paris
There are trendy jewels, daring designs, and unexpected pairings in the accessories world. And there is a place for all of those disparate personal decorations--if not--why would they continue to manufacture and sell them?

With such a variety--and the fun that goes with having so many options today, some jewels still rise above the fray to be keepers--for one's entire lifetime.

Diamonds are forever . .  the old De Beers slogan reminds. They never loose their luster as a go-to choice for adornment. Some designers like Butani, understand a certain unspoken formula that makes jewelry stay as fresh and relevant decades from now as it is today.

Celine Dion greets fans at Dior show in Paris

The Secret Sauce
In my book, excellent jewelry is simply good construction, skillful bench jeweler's technique, appealing design and not least---great proportions.

Celine Dion was recently was spotted in Paris attending the Dior Couture Show wearing a sleek elongated look of legging style trousers and a long black top with black leather gloves and nose bleed stilettos.

Besides some nicely proportioned black-out shades, her only accessory was Butani's diamond pendant earrings; long enough to make a statement and no need to further embellish her look.

Keepers in My Jewel Box
Diamonds in a pendant style earring will bracket a lovely lady's face with reflective sparkles and movement. With just the right proportions, they finish her look, without upstaging the lady. I think I'll have what she's having--who's with me on that one?


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