No Secret

Why do certain gemstones beckon with a come-hither we are unable to resist? Alluring colors rich and full of mystery--their hue is nearly indefinable. Oh yeah, that's what I'm looking at.

Chalcedony--even saying the name makes one pause. What is it and where on earth did it come from? The billowing blue-green cloud somehow manages to be both subtle and evocative at once. It's a baby robin's egg, a little girl's Easter dress---the velvet lining in mom's "don't touch that" jewelry box.

The Secret Ring by Erica Courtney SRP $14,000

Dig a little deeper and we learn the ancient stone's name first appeared in Pliny the Elder's (AD 79) legendary tomes--and it's likely the name points to the Asia Minor town of Chalcedon.

Erica Courtney dreamed up a yummy confection that is all grown up and yet still flirty. How'd she do that? It's her Secret Ring and flaunts a 13.62ct aqua toned chalcedony caressed by lustrous waves of warmest gold and counterpoints of icy diamonds winking like a confident beauty who knows how gorgeous she is. The secret? This ring is a Girls Only Club that every woman wants to be in.


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