Red carpet sightings
Bad mom Christina Applegate attended the premiere of Bad Moms in Los Angeles recently and showed her class act in real life. For this event, she wore a rich lace gown accented with just the right accessories.

All the right moves
Her earrings were gold and diamond threader style beauties by Borgioni Private Collection. The daintily proportioned earrings in this style don't fight with her more complex dress. But the front and back hanging pendants produce a flirty sway to capture light from the diamonds and draw attention to the beautiful wearers face. Good choice Christina.

How this works
Unscrew one cone shaped end and thread the slender gold wire through the pierced ear lobe. Fix it back together--Voila! You are rocking some serious bling.

Image Christina Applegate in Borgioni Collection Earrings; D'Orazio & Assoc.


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