Granny's Chips

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has an empire full of jewelry--and it's the most expansive in style, gem types and shear quantity. It's believed to be the most extensive jewelry collection in the world. And fortunately the world gets a glimpse into her bijoux from time to time when she wears them in public. But it's said that she wears her beloved jewels everyday in private too. Why on earth not?

The Biggies
The biggest of the big are lovingly and cheekily referred to as "Granny's Chips" and what chips they are. Look at the closeup of her brooch fashioned from the 3rd and 4th largest stones of the Cullinan diamond. This historical stone was found in the earliest part of the 20th century. It was over 3,100 carats when recovered at the Premiere Mine in So. Africa.

Real Cut Ups
Originally, these, called the Cullinan III and Cullinan IV were set in Elizabeth's grandmother's coronation crown. As you see it here, the 158 carat piece is fashioned into a stunning brooch.

"Well, how big is that," you're wondering? Let me illustrate.

Will that do? Oh that will do nicely, thank you.


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