Wear With Abandon

Your jewelry ---your choice

Today is a good day to re-think HOW you wear your jewelry. Usually the jewelry type tells us how and where to enjoy the item. But a little creative whimsy on your part and you can expand its utility to enjoy the piece in a brand new way.

Take this fanciful diamond peacock brooch for instance. Well, actually you won't be able to 'take it' but you get the idea--it cost a boatload and belongs to someone else at the moment.

Vintage item--modern interpretation

This jaw dropping 1948 diamond peacock brooch by Cartier can be the star of a fabulous coat, or be the pinnacle of a (securely fastened!) hat. Here actress Uma Thurman interprets this sensational vintage jewel on the entire shoulder strap of her evening gown.

Good choice. In this way, it really owns the spotlight--there's nothing else fighting for attention by displaying it thusly. And it becomes part of the gown's overall design in the end. It's the most outstanding evening gown strap we've ever seen, right?

Show us what you got
What's in your jewelry box? Are there items you don't use much? With a little reworking or just imagination it can be transformed into a re-energized piece that will make you the fashion diva we know you are. I'm envisioning someone repurposing a pendant into a stylish hair ornament right this minute . . .  uh-huh, that's the ticket.


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