Another Green Another Thrill

Yael Designs 6.27 ct green tourmaline and diamond Spirit ring 
The Great Jewel
You've heard of tourmaline haven't you? Sure--and one of its claims to fame is the extraordinarily wide array of color choices that a jewelry lover has when selecting this richly hued gemstone. Could it get any better? Yup. Tourmaline crystals are sometimes found to display more than one color on the same specimen.

What Makes it Special
This stone makes an ideal choice for thoughtful collectors. Each tourmaline, irrespective of its hue is to some degree a unique stone. Every color is distinct.

Green tourmaline is sometimes referred to as Verdilite, a nod to the Latin word 'viridis' for green. Emerald lovers are often magnetically drawn to green tourmaline owing to its superb clarity, a trait missing in most emerald, no matter what its price.

On the Hunt
Small green tourmaline crystals can be found throughout the world. Large crystals are another story. The larger the rarer. Major deposits of this magnificent stone are Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. You'll notice that many of those regions are fraught with political turmoil. See how rarity gets another layer of scarceness?

Green tourmaline rough shows a more bluish hue at the top of the crystal. The lower region  reveals a yellowish green .

Yael Designs, creator of the green tourmaline ring shown here is an inspired jeweler who artfully pairs outstanding design with valuable gemstones. The result? I'll let you decide.


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