As Long as You're heading to Wally World

The magnetic draw for our nation's big box stores is their all-in-one-place destination. Make the longest list possible of everything you need from just about all the retailers you can think of and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to fulfil your shopping must-haves at the jumbo box.

What Next?
Now add Cartier's fabulous timepieces to your list if you're heading to Walmart. Yup.

Cartier's Men Ballon Bleu watch Retail $46,004.00

True dat. This extraordinary timepiece along with other iconic Cartier watches are available at Walmart. Granted you'll want to finesse that transaction at their online site. But still. That was a real eye opener to spy some of the house of Cartier's most prestigious offerings at the mega-store.

That's Not Funny
Now rumor has it that Cartier is not amused. But there must be some loop hole that allows their products to be sold through this vendor. The take away speaks to how crunched modern shoppers are for time . . . no pun intended but now that I wrote this, it's pretty funny.

After all, people are always going to love the Cartier line. And they're always going to need milk . . .


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