Lavender Luster

Rococo Exuberant Lavender Spinel Ring by Faberge

Ask a bonafide gemstone collector what drives their quest for the next stone to fill their collection. The words rarity, and unusual colors come to the fore. So for many enthusiastic colored stone fans, natural spinel soon finds its way into an expert assemblage.

Look for Clear Colors
Spinel is a fine jewel that is judged by its color and clarity. The finest examples of this stone exhibit highly saturated colors without the gloomy brownish or grayish overtones. Colors rule and when it concerns spinel the gemstone fan has a lot to choose from.

We're Talking Natural, Baby
Here's the big deal with spinel. While it's a common industry-wide accepted practice that colored gemstones often undergo some kind of treatment to push their best color or even change it to a more attractive salable hue. With spinel however, this gemstone is always 100% natural with no treatment. That's a rare occurrence and for those in the know, increases its allure.

If It's Rare, You Want It
Among the hard to find colors of spinel is the elegant lavender tint. Not long ago, some high quality African spinel has entered the marketplace. Found in sizable rough which expands the cutting opportunities, it's discovered in pink, reds, blues and violet and purples. Those last two colors are more difficult to recover.

Collect Like a Boss
You love lavender spinel like we do? That's good. Because you have a gemstone that is hard, (8 Mohs scale) and exhibits very good dispersion. That means your spinel sparkles plenty. When you're ready to pamper yourself with a new bauble, consider lavender spinel. You'll enjoy and gemstone that few others have and be able to tell the story about this pretty treasure.


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