Sunny Like a Sapphire

We love the rich cobalt hue of real sapphire. This corundum material can turn even heads of the most jaded jewelry collector. But what about sapphire that comes in other tints besides blue?

Chyler Leigh wears Hueb yellow sapphire earrings

The species for sapphire of any kind whatsoever is corundum. That is the mineral species for ruby too. Same general chemical composition with some different elements which render the stones red or blue. Pure corundum will actually be colorless like diamond. So you'll find white sapphire--and that's the colorless corundum variety.
Fadua Hueb makes jewelry her friends like to wear

Blue corundum is always called sapphire. When this material occurs in other colors, like pink, green, purple, orange and yellow, then it's referred to as fancy color sapphire. Each tint has different trace elements in the crystal make up to modify the color.

This is what yellow sapphire crystals look like as found at the mines.

Yellow sapphire is cheery, bright and sunny. The high RI (refractive index) of corundum makes this stone super brilliant and sparkle similarly to a diamond. With such a growing awareness of colored diamonds today, yellow sapphire enjoys place of pride as a coveted central stone in engagement rings as well. While it's a precious stone and a gorgeous one to boot, its price will still be less than the same quality and color fancy yellow diamond.

These happy stones put anyone in a sunny mood.


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