You Like Color Don't You?

Leibish & Co.
Ok, great -- you love colored gemstones as much as we do. How about colored diamonds. Now, that's fancy, isn't it? Actually, they are fancy. Genuine natural diamonds are discovered in an awe inspiring range of colors, and they are classified as fancy colored diamonds.

Their source of color? Well, that depends. In general, a sparkly diamond crystal that has come in contact with trace amounts of other minerals during its formative stage picks up a body color.
Got nitrogen? Then you got a yellow diamond. Boron? Then look out---you'll be seeing a gorgeous blue bauble.

But other things impact the diamond too with stellar results. For instance, natural radiation found underground in the close vicinity of diamond rough may cause the crystal to turn green. True story.

And pinkies? We all love pink diamonds for their grown up girlie appeal. Now we're getting into mysterious territory. First of all, it seems, the geology of Australia---G'day-- is ideal for producing pink and red (very very rare) diamonds. Isn't that odd? But that's the way it is with nature. It does what it wants to do.

Back to pinks---with regards to coloring diamonds a blushing rosy tone--it appears that the crystal structure formation in this case is not the result of trace amounts of impurities in the crystal.
H m-m-m-m--well what then? Head scratching scientists venture the theory that these cheery pink stones incurred some kind of jolt that altered their molecular structure. Too much information?

Leibish & Company fancy colored diamonds

Suffice to say--every colored diamond has a story. And it's unique to its development. So even if you have a green diamond (good luck finding that) or a black diamond (yep, they exist) or a dazzling orange toned diamond, you've got a miracle of nature. And it's one of a kind--just like you.

You might as well collect all the colors--because they're all spectacular. A good place to start? How about the sensational fancy colored diamond halo set bracelet by Leibish & Company so you can enjoy a rainbow of hues instead of only one. . . .just a suggestion.


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