Argyle Everglow Fancy Red Diamond from Rio Tinto

You like red don't you? How about diamonds, then? Yes? You've got a winning combo; a rare and elusive one, and one worthy of jaw dropping admiration. Diamonds in themselves are a rare natural occurrence. Fancy colored diamonds, or those exhibiting a pleasing natural coloration are exceedingly rare in that group. Red diamonds are classified as the rarest of the rare in that sub-set. Another oddity with this mysterious jewel is their size. In the last 3 decades for instance, less than 20 carats in all having been certified Fancy Red have gone to market. 

What color red?
Diamonds are recovered in all sizes in their rough state. The bigger the better is the rule of course. When it comes to red diamonds, they are usually found to be smaller in size. Odd huh? As with all fancy colored diamonds, these scarlet stones can appear in straight red, or discovered with secondary modifiers---brown maybe, or orangish, maybe even a slight purple back color.

The Hero Goes For Sale
Recently, mining group Rio Tinto (Australia) unveiled their largest Fancy Red diamond ever; a 2.11 ct radiant cut beauty, named Argyle Everglow. It makes one ponder the original size of crystal that was unearthed. Generally speaking a diamond looses 50-60% of its crystal rough in the polishing process. That number goes up or down (usually up!) depending on the rough and what shape the polisher is aiming for.

Putting This in Perspective
This stone, about 1/2 the size of a penny should earn over $10M US when it goes to sale. But who knows? When it comes to rarity, the sky's the limit. The final price will be dictated only by the drive of the winning bidder who must have this jewel.

Once in a Lifetime
The sale of this darling will be part of the 2017 Argyle Tender which includes some other pretty snazzy trophies:

• Lot 2: Argyle Isla™, 1.14 carat radiant shaped Fancy Red diamond
• Lot 3: Argyle Avaline™, 2.42 carat cushion shaped Fancy Purple-Pink diamond
• Lot 4: Argyle Kalina™, 1.50 carat oval shaped Fancy Deep Pink diamond
• Lot 5: Argyle Liberté™, 0.91 carat radiant shaped Fancy Deep Gray-Violet diamond

But according to Argyle's spokesman, something as spectacular as the Argyle Everglow will never come around again. Paddles up, everyone.


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