Trouble Choosing? Pick Several

Epidote in Quartz

Ask  any collector what gemstone is their personal fave--and you'll get an answer, or a probably couple of them. That's because there are so many captivating jewels that draw us in with some potent magnetism. Their color, their rarity or some other back story beckons us to come in a little closer.

What you may not consider when searching for 'your gemstone' is that some gem minerals are found with other gems embedded in their crystal. Take diamond for instance---I mean you'd really like to take diamonds now, wouldn't you? Well, they may also be found with minute garnet crystals embedded within the rough diamond crystal itself. I have a soft spot for garnet included diamonds, but that's just me.

Heard of Epidote? Of course not
Let's look at epidote included quartz as shown above. Of course you never hear about it; and that's a shame. You should hear about it. It's lovely and rich with artistic merit of its own; before ever going under the carver's tool.

Epidote is a vibrantly colored (yellow or green) gem mineral found in metamorphic rocks. And quartz? This perennial fave of gemstone lovers is produced in colorless varieties or a rainbow of brightly hued dazzlers. You like yellow? How about purple? Pink is always a good choice: so is orange. Rose is a dreamy tone to adore. And they are all found in the quartz family. 

Touchstone Galleries epidote in quartz neckpiece

Pick a Few
Why settle on one stone? Consider epidote in quartz which will hypnotize with its random artful patterns frozen deep within the quartz. The luxurious epidote growths are held spellbound forever in place to thrill the viewer.

With so many out of the ordinary gem minerals to investigate, you may want to do some private sleuthing to come across a rare gem-in-gem stone that is calling your name and will become your signature stone. Happy hunting.


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