An Historical Cut

Angelina Jolie was recently spotted wearing spectacular diamond pendant earrings featuring large Asscher cut diamonds. (by designer Samer Halimeh) These diamond cuts create a lasting impression with their clear icy white appeal. Those unfamiliar with this storied diamond cut still recognize the pristine attractiveness of this historical cut.

The Asscher cut was created in 1902 by the grandson of Joseph Isaac Asscher, who founded I.J. Asscher Diamond Company in Holland in 1854. The firm has gone on to establish the preeminent family dynasty in the diamond trade. Today, the 5th and 6th generations of the Asschers are still running the company, now called Royal Asscher Diamond Company.

The beautiful Asscher cut is distinguished  by its large step cut facets, a higher crown and smaller table facet. It reminds some of the popular emerald cut diamond. Where it differs is in its outline--a square configuration with cropped corners, as contrasted to the elongated rectangular shape of an emerald cut diamond.

The sophisticated cut enjoyed great popularity in the 1920s as it was a perfect fit for Art Deco designs which often displays linear geometric motifs. Today it's making a comeback with expressive diamond engagement rings where the bride wants something more individualized.

If you are fortunate enough to own an Asscher cut diamond, you will probably be aware that you've also got a very clean high clarity grade stone. Wonder why? Very simple, dear diamond lover. The wide step facets found in Asscher cut diamonds open windows into the heart of the stone. Thus they would prominently expose any clarity issues within the diamond. With round brilliant cut diamonds, a clever cutter can help mask inclusions by artful cutting. A cutter for the Asscher cut diamond is artful too--but he or she starts out often with higher clarity stones so that each window (step cut facet) will showcase the icy clean diamond--without a flaw to be found.

Angelina Jolie wears stunning Samer Halimeh Asscher cut diamond pendant earrings; Courtesy D'Orazio & Associates


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