Pretty pastel gemstones are recurrent favorites with female jewelry collectors. They are infinitely memorable, demure and feminine. That's quite a lot for one stone to carry. But their subtle hue variations make each one a statement stone for chic chicks.

Hard to Pass Up
Pink sapphire is included in a subset of the sapphire variety of corundum. Its claim to fame aside from its stunning tints is its hardness. The only other gemstone harder than corundum is diamond. A stone's hardness is directly related to how high a polish it will take and how sparkly it can become as a result of that high polish.

Color Cause
The way sapphire is categorized is thus: all blue colors of corundum are called sapphire. All red colors of corundum are called ruby. The myriad other shades this natural stone occurs in are referred to as fancy color sapphire. What lends the different coloration to various sapphires are trace elements of other minerals specific to the color produced. In the case of pink sapphire, the more chromium present the more intense the pink.

Fancy colored sapphire is mined in dozens of regions around the globe including in the United States. But some of the more coveted varieties are found in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Popularity Poll
Driving the uptick in popularity of pink sapphires is the explosion of popularity towards pink diamonds today. They are infrequently discovered, and when they do appear, their size is not usually large. Pink diamonds tend to have inclusions in them and those inclusions are often dark in color. The price for pink diamonds are obviously through the stratosphere because of their extreme rarity.

Pink sapphire, a precious and beautiful natural gemstone is found in greater supply than pink diamonds. Because of its hardness, the collector enjoys a brilliant vibrantly colored stone that is more accessible and relatively more affordable than its diamond look alike. That's enough reason for me to adore these blushing beauties.


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