Definitely Indicolite

Tourmaline--pick your color preference with this sumptuous stone. Produced in colorless, brown, black, yellow, red, pink, blues and greens, it's a heavenly gemstone that compels serious collectors to keep adding to their collection. It appears in bi-colored specimens too which are wildly collectible.

Did you know? Some of the opaque black varieties and one of the yellow varieties are highly magnetic owing to the dense concentrations of manganese and iron. Oooh, that's fun.

These richly hued mineral gems are found in the good ol' US of A, but are mined in volume in Brazil, Africa and Afghanistan. I recommend you buying yours here.

OMI Prive Sevilla Ring with 9.95 ct Indicolite Tourmaline; with Alexandrite and diamond accents.

With a Mohs hardness of 7-7.5 , it's a fantastically durable gemstone for all types of jewelry. Indicolite's elegant coloration--that of a strong blue with a green back color makes for some sophisticated jewelry as OMI Prive has done with its chic ring. 

Some gemstones are valued higher when their origin is from a certain deposit, as in the case of Paraiba tourmaline. With Indicolite, it's all about the color irrespective of its origin. A blue gemstone is perennially desirable; the evocative blue tone of Indicolite is enough to woo the savvy collector and novice alike.

Go blue!



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