Savvy gemstone lovers have long drooled over the limpid hues that distinguish padparadscha sapphire. Its name is fun to pronounce and it's wildly desirable---this rare stone has legions of knowledgeable devotees.  Now the stone gets catapulted into the spotlight for royal watchers too--who may have never heard of this ravishing stone.

Britain's Princess Eugenie and her longtime beau Jack Brooksbank just announced their engagement--to her "complete surprise", the bride-to-be gushed. Her fiance was enthralled with this rosy stone's ability to "change into different colors" as he noted. What he is marveling at of course, are the different color glints that can reflect off the facets of a beautifully cut padparadscha sapphire; orange, pink, yellow, peach, rose and more.

It's an exciting and modern gemstone choice that reflects the increasing interest of today's couples to choose a ring that is suited as a personal expression for their bridal jewels. Princess Eugenie's' mother, Sarah Ferguson received a richly toned ruby engagement ring surrounded by white diamonds in 1986. Her bright crimson tresses likely inspired Prince Andrew to pick that particular stone for Sarah. Now it's Eugenie's turn to shine and her choice is both updated, highly expressive and elegant. Their wedding is slated for the fall of 2018 which will be after the birth of William and Catherine's third child, and past Harry and Meghan's nuptials. Cheers to the happy couple!


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