Jewelry that speaks
Some style motifs seen in jewelry are timeless. It usually has to do with a story they convey. Flower motifs are a prime example because they are both feminine, and fresh, and often a sign of newness.

Tell me a story
Chain links are another such powerful story-telling motif in the jewelry world. They are strong, flexible, they make a connection, and they keep things together---sort of like Jennifer Lopez who is shown wearing Le Vian's gorgeous diamond chain link earrings. Chain link jewelry items are a perennial favorite with style setters because they look sensational at every age--so a confident woman of taste never outgrows this design element.

Oldie but goodie
LeVian knows a thing or two about what is meant to last. Did you know this jewelry company is one of the world's most ancient design firms?  And while they move with the times, their old school workmanship never lags behind.

Cha Cha Chain . . . Chain of Love
Look for link jewelry items to remain center stage  with fashion icons this year .. .  and beyond.


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