Did you catch this? At the 90th Academy Awards this year--jewelry fans as always were eager to see who wears what and the jewelry that accompanied their fabulous --- or not so fab gowns. Jewelry always signals a general trending preference that pervades throughout our culture. Years ago, some adventurous highly expressive Native American adornment and Flower Child style accessories were de rigueur on the red carpet. After that, the less-is-really-less look took center stage.

Fads & Trends
But in this last decade, we've happily seen a resurgence in classic Old Hollywood redux in both evening wear and diamonds--lots of them and big ones to boot.

Look Out Now
This year, everyone applauds the wave of color on the carpet. Because as we know, there is no such thing as semi-precious gemstones--they're all precious--some even more precious than others.

At this year's Oscar bash, an eyebrow raising anomaly appeared and it wasn't a moment too soon. Imaginative designer Anabela Chan placed her yummy analogous hued baubles on starlets gracing the red carpet. These were created gemstones--yes--natural look alikes created in a lab. And they're lovely.
Labs We Love
The 18K rose gold and rhodium vermeil ring at right flaunts a 12-ct lab created pink sapphire. Now get a load of the bubble gum hued pendant earrings at top featuring lab created pink and orange sapphire stones along with rose tourmaline. Nice, eh?

"Pretty is as pretty does," my grandma reminded me--and I think these do real pretty. 🔺


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