When Color Reigns

Some designers have such a love affair with colored gems, they allow the vibrant stones to hold center stage.

Such is the case with imaginative jewelry designer and Patagonia native, Lisi Fracchia. Her obvious respect for extraordinary natural colored stones informs the artful creations she crafts.
Fracchia's skillful bench jewelry work is superb---still it never upstages the vivid stones she selects for her collections. Exciting and fashion-forward but never trendy--she has made a name for herself by allowing these lively gems to do the speaking for her. And speak they do.
Not only are the gemstones of fine quality--but she is daring in their placement; one rich color next to another, making it impossible to determine which stone you love more.

For jewelry lovers who previously believed they were simply diamond fans, she's transformed these collectors into ambassadors of color. It's clear to see that Fracchia adores the world of colored stones, and she's opening up her world to collectors everywhere.

Treat yourself to the exciting collections at www.lisifracchia.com 


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