Red Like Jade

When you think of jade, does red come top of mind? Not so much.

The word jade evokes visions of myriad greens, with the most alluring varieties having a translucent to semi-transparent appearance. But surprisingly enough, jade is produced in such an array of colors that you have to begin to rethink this ancient gemstone.

Colors of Jade
Yellow, white, lavender, pink, black, brown all claim heritage in the jade family. Here's another interesting bit that you might not know. When you say jade, a connoisseur may ask "Which one?"

One Name--Two Gems
Jade as a gemstone can actually come from two distinctly different minerals. There's jadeite jade, which is a pyroxene mineral. Then there's nephrite jade--an aggregate variety of tremolite-actinolite.
Faceted pear shaped red jade and red garnet pendant

A Real Cut-Up
Like the other jade colors, the crimson variety is not at all new. In Asia it might have enjoyed pride of place with artisanal carvers who relished the subtle nuances of its color range. Animal carvings were always a popular motif and the ruddy hues of red jade fanned the inspiration with ancient carvers.  
red jade carving depicting monkey riding on an elephant

But gladly, it's beginning to find its way into serious jewelry as designers take a fresh look at this under appreciated stone with its ancient pedigree and storytelling potential.

Red jade might just be the sleeping beauty we'd all like to awaken.


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