Crazy Rich Sapphire

Actress Constance Wu, of Crazy Rich Asians fame knows just how much is enough when it comes to completing her look. Seen this week at the London screening for Crazy Rich Asians on September 4th, she accented her delicate blush pink gown with Le Vian's ombre pink sapphire jewelry.
Crazy Rich Ombre Pink Sapphires

The hoop earrings and gem studded ring set were the perfect finish to an understated but elegant look.

 Le Vian, a centuries old jewelry house is celebrated for colorful gemstone jewelry and colored diamond collection as well. The concept of ombre is not unique to Le Vian, but they do a splendid job of making this treatment dazzle.

Stunning Effect
Ombre refers to a method of graduating the intensity of a color on a single object. When it's done with jewelry, each stone is set next to another in the same color family, but graduating from lighter to deeper tones. The effect is dimensional and endlessly interesting as it renders a painterly quality to a piece treated this way.

We love pink sapphires with their superb sparkle and vibrant natural tints. We certainly love the playful arrangement creating a modern ombre effect so that we can appreciate more than one tone of the same hue. Pretty. Crazy. Rich. Sapphire.


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