Dripping In Diamonds

Diamonds and light--a match made in gemstone heaven. Of course no one would toss out a massive single stone.

Rare Ones 
The larger the diamond the greater the rarity of course. When you consider that a diamond looses 50-60% of its original weight in the cutting process, large carat sized diamonds take on an added mystique.

In the Rough 
Rough diamond crystals can look like pebbles easily passed over unless one has a trained eye to know what they are really looking for. 

Cut for Perfection
When diamonds are cut and polished into the most popular shape, called the Round Brilliant, they receive 57-58 smoothly polished facets. Each facet becomes a window into the stone, allowing light to penetrate and reflect back to the eye of the viewer. No other stone has the ability to handle light quite like a diamond.

So when you see a ravishing diamond suite like the one pictured above being worn by Rihanna, we're reminded of the power of sparkle. French designer Djula's diamond jewelry plays up the diamond's ability to sparkle plenty--radiating reflected light back to the viewer from all of the facets on the diamonds cascading from Rihanna's ear in these over the top dangle earrings. 

The More the Merrier
So there's more than one way to dazzle with diamonds--bigger is always, well bigger and rarer. But placing many diamonds together on one piece creates quite the impact---thousands of facets scintillate with each subtle turn of the head. Nothing else like it. 

Rihanna in Djula diamonds Courtesy D'Orazio & Associates, Beverly Hills


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