Great Big Pinkie

Large diamonds are being recovered more often today than ever before. But it's the pink diamonds that are so mesmerizing. Pink diamonds are extremely rare natural occurrences.

While they are found infrequently around the globe, the majority of these hypnotic stones are recovered from the Argyle Mine in Australia.

Pricey Sale
The gigantic natural crystal shown above is a spectacular 13.33 carat Type 1 diamond found at the Letseng mine in Lesotho. Gem Diamonds has just sold the stone for nearly $9-Million at an Antwerp tender to an undisclosed buyer. The final $8.8Million price tag works out to about $656,441 per carat making it a record per carat for any Letseng diamond to date.

Never the Same One Twice
Natural fancy pink diamonds are produced in a wide array of pink tones--some getting so intensely colored that they are--or at least look red--the rarest of the rare color in diamonds.

The pink diamonds come in shades ranging from pastel rose, such as the pink orchid to intense purple-reds

Still Rare and Coveted

Watching all the press about the pinks and rosy diamonds coming out of Australia's Argyle Mine, the blushing beauties represent less than 1% of the total output from Argyle.

While all the attention is focused on pink diamonds, the cause of color is still something shrouded in mystery. The general consensus is that the crystal lattice in each rough was distorted which causes a green absorption--leaving the pinkish rosy tones to be reflected back to the eye. Geologists conclude that greater pressure in the region where these pinks are found acts on the carbon molecules of certain diamond crystals. The pressure will have damaged the stones’ crystal lattice, which then results in the pink coloration.

Pinkie Love
Whatever happened at depths of some 125 miles below the surface of earth --we're very grateful for the result. Pink diamonds are a glamorous addition to diamond lovers collection.


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