Bursting that Bubble

Pink diamonds have held their place in the sun for some time now. In earlier days, fancy color diamonds may have been traded confidentially within that furtive sphere of big time collectors who know how to reach others of their ilk.

Now we mere earthlings can thrill to the news of large fancy color diamond sales via top auction houses who do a lot of pre-sale promos and post auction results.

Bubble Bursting Price
Christie's Hong Kong tells us that  their glamorous 3.43-ct bubble gum pink stunner just garnered over $2.2M per carat or $7.5M for the whole sparkly shebang.

The rare cushion cut bauble designated fancy-vivid-purplish pink was graded IF (Internally Flawless). House of Moussaieff designed the ring to feature pink pears on each corner, which expands the impression of its pink extravaganza.

Grand Old Jeweler
The nearly 2-centuries old jeweler is renowned for acquiring the best-of-the-best jewels, and they may  be most recognized for their colossal Moussaieff Red Diamond. The 5.11-ct triangular shaped fancy red whopper was discovered in the 1900s by a Brazilian farmer. So far, Moussaieff has not had the heart to part with it. Can't blame.

Meanwhile back at Christies in Hong Kong, the entire Magnificent Jewels auction did pretty well, with the entire sale earning a combined $44.6M.


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