Big Yellows

Argyle mines in Australia are legendary for their pink and red diamonds. There's another mine however, The Liqhobong, being celebrated for its extraordinary diamonds including big yellows.

How does that happen? Geology, baby.

Where the Big Yellows Are
Firestone Diamonds operating Liqhobong Mine in the kingdom of Lesotho, So. Africa has been producing some spectacular yellow rough. But this latest find is extraordinary for its sheer size and quality--that combo is a big deal.

This year alone at Liqhobong, its notable diamonds recovered include a 70-ct white diamond, a 72-ct lesser quality yellow, a 22-ct white, and and for good measure a 11-ct, fancy-light-pink sparkler.

72-ct Lesotho Big Yellow (looks green from here)
Yellows Hold Strong
Firestone CEO Paul Bosma said, “The Liqhobong mine has become known for its fancy yellow stones but this one is the largest we’ve recovered so far and is therefore quite special. Although certain segments of the diamond market are currently struggling, the demand for unique natural stones remains positive”.
If you're keeping tabs, this latest 54-ct beauty should go for sale this coming September. Any guesses on what its price will be?


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