Dive In--It's Aqua Time

Summer heats things up. Here's an idea. Let's try accessorizing with jewels that cool us down--or seem to by their refreshing aquatic vibe. This cooling stone's name aquamarine, actually means seawater in Latin. And just as seawater the world over can display different shades of blue, naturally mined aquamarine has an intriguing range of pastel blue tints, some looking more green than blue.

Heating can drive the color towards the cooler light blue shades. But there are collectors who want nothing of the sort. Their shade of aqua is always that mermaid's tail bluish-green. Feeling it!

Actress Gal Godot (Wonder Woman) pictured above  –  was one of the most photographed stars on the red carpet at the 2018 Oscars. Her Art Deco vibe ensemble with an authentic 1920's Givenchy gown was completed with Tiffany & Co's platinum necklace featuring 61-cts of aquamarine and diamonds with a matching 10-ct aquamarine ring.

Designers love the fact that aquamarine crystals are often found in spectacularly large sized rough, allowing them free rein with their imagination.

Renowned gem-sculptor Bernd Munsteiner carved the largest known aquamarine object which resides in the Smithsonian Institution today.

Discover the shade that speaks your language and make it your go-to summer accessory. You'll be glad you did.


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