Juicy Little Treat

Quartz is the most plentiful substance on earth. 

Credit: Catawiki

It's Everywhere!
That little speck of something in your eye? It might just be a micro-mini bit of quartz. Literally, this material is found the world over. 

When found in large enough sized crystals, it is highly desirable as a gemstone material. Citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz, rock crystal, rose quartz and more are all colorful varieties of the quartz family. 

Something Added
Some of the more fascinating quartz varieties are those with inclusions of other minerals. These make for exotic gemstones in which the inclusions are part of the stone's allure--quite separate from the cut of the jewel. 

Credit: Silver Forge
Delicious Jewel
A personal favorite is Strawberry Quartz. This colorless transparent quartz variety has red inclusions, giving it a cheerful unorthodox appeal. Literally every stone is distinct from the one next to it.

Credit: Gem Select
What's In There?
There are different types of mineral inclusions in strawberry quartz; most often lepidocrocite, hematite, or even goethite.  These beauties have remarkable durability and can be polished in faceted stones or en cabochon for beads. It's a highly underrated gemstone--full of dazzle and originality. Their bright upbeat look is suited for any jewelry type--accent or featured player.

I think it deserves star treatment simply for its unexpected charm.


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