Visions of Things to Come

The year's not over yet, nor has 2020 begun--but almost. In a diamond niche where the slightest nuance of shade moves the pricing meter astronomically--Christie's Geneva came up with a doozy of a sale last month. It may portend an ever increasing taste for these natural beauties.

 Nice Ice
A rectangular cut 7.03 carat fancy deep blue Moussaief diamond ring earned close to $12Million US in November at Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva on November 18, 2019. That was a respectable price where pre-auction estimates ranged widely from $10 - $14Million US. As a matter of fact, the entire sale did pretty good, drawing in $55+ Million US.

What we do know is that this diamond, graded VVS2 went to a private collector. At that  price, it puts the sultry stone at $1.65 Million US per carat. Nothing to sneeze at. Respect!

Even So
But, it's not the most expensive blue diamond ever sold. Remember, (sure you do) in 2016, the glorious 14.62 carat Oppenheimer Blue Diamond made history at auction selling for $57.5 Million US.  Yup, of course it was over twice as big as Christie's recent blue diamond . . . still.

Oppenheimer Blue

Here's the Difference
That diamond, also a more elongated emerald cut was graded VVS1; just a teensy step below internally flawless . . . so there you go.

Can't wait to see how 2020 unfolds.


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