Beauty In a Round About Way

The 2020 Golden Globes this year gave us plenty of hot topics to chatter about. 

And we don't mean the political and social jabs that ran rampant . . and sometimes afoul. We're talking stones here. The precious kind that accessorized the elegant ensembles seen floating across the red carpets like ethereal other-worldly beings who came to grace us for but a moment.

Classics Reign
This year we saw plenty of classic jewels from Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany and other traditional jewelers known to deliver the best of the best.

Neck wear Dominated
There were several spectacular sapphire pieces this year. One such item was the exquisite diamond and sapphire pendant necklace from Harry Winston worn by Zoey Deutch. In all, neck wear was definitely having a moment, and the more classic the better was the rule. 

Set against a primary yellow-hued backdrop of her gown, Deutch's jewelry made all the statements one could think of. Her clip earrings were complementary diamond and sapphires. The thing to take note of besides the doorstop sized sapphire on her pendant necklace, is the fact that it's been cut en cabochon.

The Story of Cabochons
Cabochon cutting of colored stones is a highly dramatic decision and one that cannot be applied to just any sapphire. .  . even one of such impressive size. When a stone is treated with the smooth rounded polish of the cabochon cut, it must be one of pristine clarity. Normally, colored stones are faceted which of course add to their ability to sparkle. But the mirror-like reflectors of each individual facet reflect light back to the eye and also work to hide naturally occurring inclusions (a more genteel way of saying flaws).

So this Winston piece with its memorable size and cut en cabochon proves it to be an extravagantly rare and valuable sapphire--clean and impressive.

It's certainly one of the more stop-you-in-your-tracks jewels that we saw this year. Tell us which ones captured your imagination this year.


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